2*USB 3.0 supports bandwidth 5Gbps

1*USB 2.0 supports bandwidth 480Mbps

1*SD card supports bandwidth 5Gbps (USB3.0 rate)

1*TF card supports bandwidth 5Gbps (USB3.0 rate)

1*HD resolution: 4K*2K 30Hz

1*VGA resolution: 1920*1080P 60Hz

1*TYPE-C female charging port support: PD3.0 (maximum power: 87W)

1*RJ45: Maximum support: 1000M

Using VL102+ITE6564+VL815+GL3224L+8153B chip (compatible with Windos/IOS/ Android/LINUX system)

1. The highest resolution of HD is 3840X2160/30HZ (requires the support of the display host) Support HDR display, support audio and video synchronization playback

2. VGA supports the highest resolution 1920*1080P 60Hz

3. RJ45 can support gigabit network transmission at most

4. USB3.0 supports up to 5Gbps bandwidth data transmission and maximum 900mA current output, compatible with USB-C 2.0, USB1.1

5. SD/TF supports USB3.0 high-speed transmission, the highest bandwidth is 5Gbps (simultaneous use is not supported)

6. PD3.0 charging can support up to 87W

7. Built-in conversion chip, plug and play, no external power supply required

8. Support simultaneous use of all interfaces

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