Ten in one docking station

2*USB 3.0 supports bandwidth 5Gbps

1*USB 2.0 supports bandwidth 480Mbps

1*SD card supports bandwidth 5Gbps (USB3.0 rate)

1*TF card supports bandwidth 5Gbps (USB3.0 rate)

1*HDMI resolution: 4K*2K 30Hz

1*VGA resolution: 1920*1080P 60Hz

1*TYPE-C female charging port support: PD3.0 (maximum power: 87W)

1*RJ45: Maximum support: 1000M

1.3.5 Audio: Left and right channel output

Using VL102+ITE6564+VL815+GL3224L+RTL8153B chip (compatible with Windos/IOS/ Android/LINUX system)

1. The maximum resolution of HDMI is 3840X2160/30HZ (requires the support of the display host), supports HDR display, supports simultaneous audio and video playback

2. VGA highest resolution support 1080P 60Hz

3. USB3.0 supports up to 5Gbps bandwidth data transmission and maximum 900mA current output, compatible with USB-C 2.0, USB1.1

4.USB2.0 bandwidth 480Mbps, current maximum support 500mA, compatible with USB1.1

5.SD/TF supports USB3.0 high-speed transmission and supports simultaneous use of two interfaces

6. PD3.0 charging can support up to 87W

7. RJ45 supports up to 1000M network

8. Built-in conversion chip, plug and play, no external power supply required

9. Support the simultaneous use of all interfaces

10. Working voltage 5V/ whole machine current 300mA

11. Product size: length 120 * width 50 * height 14.4mm

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